Gaia: Shadows and Light

Session 1

Mediation in Haufman

In Hildesthein, the PCs are asked to investigate and mediate the allegation that the Frey Family has failed to pay proper tribute to the Fehu, goddess of Prosperity and Fortune, and thus causing an increase in natural disasters, attacks from creatures in the mountains, and a loss of wealth among the merchant families.

House Gjevik has claimed the right, as laid out in the holy texts, to carry out retribution upon house Frey by executing the heads of the family. House Frey says that they have paid tribute at their family shrines, instead of the public shrine used by the merchant council, and are thus innocent. Most of the Frey family has gone into hiding, while Erling Frey keeps a retinue of guards in defiance of Igar Gjevik.

House Gjevik is both rich and powerful, but smaller than house Frey. House Frey is well liked in Haufman, and any further disruption caused by such a dispute will cause much commerce to cease, and in Haufman, that can mean the death of people who rely on the transportation of important goods through the Peak of the World.

The merchant council is offering 50 silver coins to each of the PCs to find out whether the Frey family has, in fact, failed to pay tribute to Fehu, and their advice on a suitable punishment will be strongly considered.

The PCs began their investigation by interviewing both Erling and Igar, getting the information above. Next, they began the 2-day journey through the mountains to the village where the two families live. Halfway there, they found out that someone had crept up to their camp and spied on them in the night. They followed the tracks and were confronted by some sort of shady warriors from Goldar. They left without incident. The next night, Miksa set a simple warning alarm, which was tripped by one of the Goldarians. A fight ensued where one warrior was stabbed by Miksa in the back and then immolated by Smooth’s Onibe – Will O’ the Wisp technique. The other was thoroughly stunned by a electrical discharge produced by Axel.

Upon interrogating the surviving warrior, they learned that the Goldarians were hired by an unknown Hauf to kidnap 4 members of the Frey family and hold them for a week until further instructed.

The plan for now is to rescue the imprisoned members of the Frey Family.


  • Miksa stole a fairly valuable golden necklace from Boden, the head of the merchant council.
    The following was recovered from the Goldarian mercenaries:
  • 1 bow
  • 20 arrows
  • 1 crossbow
  • 20 bolts
  • 2 bastard swords
  • 2 daggers
  • 1 suit of fur armor.
  • 13 silver coins

Experience Points: 35 total

  • Combat: 3 xp
  • 5-hour session: 15 xp
  • Good ideas or plans: 2 xp
  • Interpretation: 15 xp


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