Gaia: Shadows and Light

Session 2

Rescuing the Freys

Journal from Axel Doth:

We got directions from the lone whimpy member who tried running away (smells like crispy penguin). We left my dogs to guard him, and we climbed mountain easily because I noone knows how to travel like me. Long walk and many trees later, we come across some more whimpy people at night.

Sneaky mika…miska…Miksa…shrug…sneaky person goes around and tries to poke people in back again. They see me and cower in fear as I charge in. Then, sneaky tries to push guy off cliff. I try helping by burning his feet…but he doesn’t fall. Pity, cause these guys are whimpy. Then, sneaky guy just runs around people and looks in tent while smooth swings her silly weapon around like a crazy person.

Funny things happen. Weird bunny-man…man-rabbits…crazy-rabbit-things start doing weird things. They didn’t do much. They just blew cold air and tried biting people, nothing really dangerous….just annoying. I tried seeing what they look like when hit by lightning…but I guess I was so confused by the things that I ended up getting tired and going to sleep underneath a nice little tree.

Anyways, I wake up and everyone is fine and weird creatures gone. Glad I got some rest cause I feel better. I saved the people, and the people were thankful that the Frost Giant had saved them.

I think the crazy bunny creatures would be cool pets if trained. Next time, probably should bring carrots or lettuce for them.

Experience Points: 35 total

  • Combat: 5 xp
  • 3-hour session: 9 xp
  • Difficult Actions: 3 xp
  • Interpretation: 10 xp


dreadpolack dreadpolack

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