Gaia: Shadows and Light

Session 4

The Hiring Post

The PCs are sent north to Gaïtende Castle with 2 objectives:

1) Find a Summoning trainer for Ylfi and leave him there for training. This he was able to accomplish on his own.

2) Find a Supernatural adviser for Greg Doth.

They took a Sleigh with 2 Fjord horses for the 5-day trek to Haufman’s coastal village of Grigard, where they boarded a longship for the 5-day ocean leg of the journey.

Just before reaching the coast, they were attacked by a hunting Merigrif. Smooth exhausted her Ki launching fire attacks at it. Ylfi summoned a pair of ice fae to ice it’s wings, grounding it. Axel fueled the flames on its burning feathers, and Miksa sunk a poisoned dagger into it, to no avail. Eventually, after nearly killing Axel with a flurry of attacks from its 3 beaks, they were able to convince the beast that this prey wasn’t worth the effort. It flew away.

In Gaïtende Castle the PCs set up at the Blue Lynx Inn and posted a job notice. The next day they had 3 interviewees. (I actually feel a bit bad about railroading this bit. I should have put more than one suitable character in the mix so the players could pick one they liked, but I only thought of one, and it was pretty obvious.) The person they eventually hired was a 2nd level Kushistani wizard, passing on the inexperienced Sylvain wizard and the over-qualified Summoner.

And, as mysteriously as he had disappeared, Flonius reappeared to the group, recounting a tale of wandering the snow and discovering a black fist-sized pearl. A vision from Erebus led him to it, and he was determined to unlock its mysteries. Knowing at least that he was alive and well, they parted ways, and the party prepared to leave Gaïtende Castle and head back home.


dreadpolack dreadpolack

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