Gaia: Shadows and Light

Session 5

This adventure was our first with the Savage worlds rules.

After conducting business at Gaïtende Castle and hiring Fariyad, Miksa discovered that he was being shadowed. Upon returning to the Blue Lynx Inn and informing his fellow adventurers, they chased their pursuer briefly through the alleys and eventually caught her, bringing her back to the warehouse belonging to a friend of Miksa, whom he discovered had recently taken up shop in the town.

After an interrogation, they discovered that she had been hired to track down Fariyad by his parents and bring him back to Kushistan. He had made off with some valuable items and they wanted them, and their son, rerturned safely. She offered to split the payment with them, but they refused, and instead smuggled her back to Haufman’s mainland and left her there.

I was fairly disappointed in the game. I felt like there was a lot of missed opportunities for interesting turns in the story. Partly, I blame the fact that we had switched rules systems, but I’ve been keepint this in mind ever since.

Other notes:

  • I don’t know if I like the SW chase rules. At least, they didn’t work out in our case. Instead of a fixed 5-round chase, I am thinking maybe 3 successes in a row would be needed to outrun or catch someone. Otherwise, I might have to adjust the way we roleplay the chase for it to make more sense.
  • Jason used the “Nemesis” card, and I failed to really turn the only villain in the session into Jason’s nemesis. I am working on a fair resolution to this.


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