Gaia: Shadows and Light

Session 6

Into Goldar

The PCs have finally left Hildesthein in their quest to learn the mysteries at the Great University of Lucretio. They have traveled nearly two months now, passing through Annar, city of the Frostkoliers at the feet of the Peack of the World; across the border into Goldar and on to the city of Landhoff, where they celebrated Yule with a collection of Gaia’s Lost Souls (various Nephilim); past the Sleepy Lake, where they all witnessed a large inverted castle in the ice, entrancing both Axel and Smooth; and finally en route to Komerfest, they were waylaid.

Before leaving the Peack of the World, they were attacked in the night by 5 Ice Wolves. They had a icy breath attack as well as a chlling bite. Two of the horses were nearly lost, but in the end, everyone survived.

They happened upon a grisly site. A dozen human bodies and 4 horses, slain by arrows, blades and teeth. The human tracks were both shod and bare. The bodies and wagon were looted.

Before they could leave, a patrol of Goldarian soldiers – Clan Yngling demanded they surrender to the law. Smooth recognized a face among the warriors- Dagny, a fellow student of warfare from years previous. They were taken back to Komerfest, where they were briefly held, before Dagny and her brother, a scholar, freed them in order to undertake a quest.

Clan Skuling has been winning raids against the Yngling for generations, growing in power and threatening the peace of Goldar ever since a curse was put upon the chieftain of the Yngling. If the party can find a long-lost Chieftain’s cairn in the Forod forest, they can recover his crown, which must be taken fairly or given freely, and restore it to the current chieftain, ending the curse.

This is where the session ended. We’ll pick it up again in 2 weeks.


2, plus last week’s 3 brings everyone to 30 total xp. Characters got to spend an advance after this game. I’ll update the character sheets and post links.


dreadpolack dreadpolack

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