Gaia: Shadows and Light

Session 7

The Ancient King's Cairn

The party, having been “released” from a Komerfest jail, journeyed into the Forod Forest in search of the ancient Yngling King’s tomb, and his crown within.

Along the way, they fought an Arctic Chimera. Dagny was severly injured, but survived the fight. they kept the pelt, to be later made into masterwork fur armor.

They found a supernaturally treacherous valley within a dense part of the forest. At the middle of it was the Cairn. Upon approaching it, undead guardians, merged with the roots of a cursed tree attacked. Miksa incanted the ancient Goldarian prayer, and the king was summoned. He stepped forward and a deal was struck with Dagny. She took the crown, as well as its curse, upon herself. Now all she has to do is win a battle against Clan Skuling and the curse will be lifted.

On the way out of the forest, Miksa traded with some friendly clansmen.

Clan Yngling was grateful, but their coffers were nearly empty. The PCs were made honorary Ridders of Clan Yngling.


3 for completing the arc.


dreadpolack dreadpolack

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