Gaia: Shadows and Light

The Story So Far...

Axel Doth is a noble son of Haufman. After a few days of travel and hunting, he has returned to his family holding where his older brother has news for him. The two visiting foreigners have been asked to provide some impartial dispute resolution, and Axel has been given the task of being their local guide and interpreter.

Smooth Goodrich has come a long way from Phaion in search of both martial secrets and the strength to overcome the sort of mistakes that originally caused her to flee her home. Nearby, a band of infamous technicians might be willing to teach her some ki techniques, but for now, some food and shelter from the freezing snow is in order.

Miksa Hara hasn’t stopped running for months. Only the snows of Hendell and now Haufman have managed to slow him down. Either Fate or Fortune led him to lift the [[:Fancy Cloak]], and perhaps only his nephillic soul keeps those who might desire it from finding him. Trusting in few, he keeps moving, doing what he can keep above water.


dreadpolack dreadpolack

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