Axel Doth

Nobleman of Haufman; "Frost Giant of Haufman"


Character Sheet

Class: Mentalist; Level 2

Advantages: Free Access to Any Psychic Discipline, Passive Concentration, Psychic Inclination (Energy)
Disadvantage: Unattractive, Slow Reactions 1, Severe Phobia (Sharks)

Free PP: 3; Psychic Potential: 80; Psychic Projection: 90;
Psychic Powers: Energy Shield, Energy Discharge, Energy Object Creation, Create Energy, Modify Nature (20 Potential), Sense Matrices, Energy Immunity

Secondary Abilities of Note:
Intimidate 30, Notice 30, Composure 30, Withstand Pain 45,

Resistance: DR: 40, MR: 25, PhR: 55, VR: 40, PsR: 45

Racial Abilities:
Giant: +2 points to their Size Characteristic
Withstand Fatigue: +1 to maximum Fatigue
Resistance to Damage: +15 to PhR
Spiritual Vision: Ability to see spirits under certain conditions
Susceptibility to Magic: -10 to MR
Immortal Soul: -3 penalty to XP


A towering 7’2 Jayan, an imposing sight within the community of
Haufman. He has think brown hair, Hazel eyes, and a strong build. He
wears a thick fur from what must have been a giant polar bear, and spiked
cestus. He carries around a Greataxe on his back, but it seldom gets

The house of Doth was a noble house famous for invovlement in the
militia. The house was well known for tactical advice, good fighters,
and creating armor and weapons for the militia. That was until the house
was raided by the House of Tallo and most of the staff and family were
killed. Tallo failed on the raid, and the fight ended with both houses
severly weakened.
Now, the house of Doth is gaining power with the two surviving sons.

Greg and Axel:
Greg is the most liked and tactically minded as well very good fighter.
He is shorter then most Haufman males, but makes up with his charm and
intelligence. He has a wife and has 3 children . The focus of the house
now is on building it’s militia strenght and reputation as a strong and
fierce house.
Axel is the most feared and fiercest of the house. He the most
respected member of the house, but mostly out of fear. While he lacks
the intelligence, he makes up for it with his size, str, and power over
elements. His job is to meet visitors and guide people around town. His
brother gave him this job (with name) because few people are willing to cause trouble
if they see the person who will defend the town. This also makes the
community feel better because then he isn’t causing trouble and easy to
While this post isn’t without it’s problems; Axel believes everyone
talks the same language and is just a babbling crazyperson if they don’t,
sometimes he forgets what his job is and goes off to do things (usually
with confused guest in tow), and lastly he likes to believes alot of
tavern stories about fights with exotic animals (even ones that are
clearly fake: like a shark that will jump over ships and devour whole
crews in one gulp).

Reason to Adventure
The community and Greg enjoy Axel’s presence in the town, but they all want him to get out of the town. They encourage him by having a special spot in the tavern with free ale and food to him and his guest. The waitress will encourage Axel to help go with the guest on their quest, or to go fight the animals he hears tales of. Greg mostly wants Axel to fight powerful animals and send trophies of them (or strange weapons / armor) back so the house gets bigger and stronger.

Axel Doth

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