Miksa's Mysterious Cloak

A cloak that mysteriously changes size, shape, color, and texture.


This cloak seems to have no default state. It changes color, size, shape, and even material to suit the situation. It is warm in cold situations, and light in hot environments. It is waterproof in the rain, and keeps away the sun.

The full extent of this artifact’s powers are unknown. Known powers include:

  • Protection: AT 1 against all damage types.
  • Prehensility: The cloak acts as an extension of the wearer’s body. It can reach out and grasp ojbect up to 4 yards away, and manipulate objects as if it were the wearer’s own arm. The wearer must spend the appropriate action and make the appropriate rolls. Once held, the cloak can continue to hold the object without conscious direction, with a strength of 7, and can fully conceal a number handheld objects by envoloping them. Each bottom corner is considered to be a “hand” for these purposes.
  • Deflective: Once per round, the cloak, if desired, will attempt to block an incoming attack using the wearer’s full Block or Dodge bonus. This works like a block with a shield.
  • Refreshing: The wearer recovers fatigue at the rate of 1 point every 15 minutes.
  • Gliding: The wearer can drop from any height and use the cloak to glide harmlessly to the ground. The wearer can move up to X yards horizontally per turn as an Active Action, or X yards as a Passive Action. For every 2 yards moved horizontally, the wearer must drop at least 1 yard vertically. If the wearer is somehow unconscious whilst falling, the cloak will automatically act like a parachute and drop the wearer straight down at a safe speed of 10 yards per round.

Miksa's Mysterious Cloak

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