Anima: Savage Fantasy

This is the home page to our new Anima campaign. I expect you to keep your character stats reasonably well updated. That is, at least every time you level-up.

We’re on the third arc of our campaign now, as the party travels south through Goldar toward Lucretio, with the Great University as their destination. The group, Jason in particular, has shown some interest in Wissenschaft, so we’ll see how we can get them mixed up in that mess.

Savage Worlds!

We’ve switched from the Anima: Beyond Fantasy rules to Savage Worlds. I proposed this since I found adventure writing to be too burdensome. All the character’s powers have been simplified, and coming up with adversaries, even in the middle of a game, is a lot easier for me. The players seem okay with this arrangement, and I think we’re all enjoying the SW rules.

Our party consists of:

*Axel Doth: Jayan, noble Haufmanian mentalist.

*Smooth Goodrich: Technician from Phaion

*Miksa Hara: D’Anjayni thief who possesses a powerful artifact cloak.

Gaia: Shadows and Light

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