Gaia: Shadows and Light

Session 3

Ylfi Frey gets his first level in summoner

After Miksa and Ylfi were separated from the rest of the party, both groups decided to continue north to their destination: the village containing the Frey and Gjevik families.

Upon arriving, Axel went to the Frey village and found out that someone had stolen the family’s tribute. Smooth went to the Gjevik village and tried to ease tensions, to no avail. Together, Axel and Smooth decided a joint Frey-Gjevik guard post over the Frey family temple would be a sign of good faith between the families. Before they were able to see the results of this experiment, Miksa arrived without Ylfi. Ylfi had become sick and wandered off in the night. Miksa tried to follow him, but turned back when he saw strange lights and eyes watching him. Fatigued and cold, Miksa recovered with the village healer while Axel and Bar, a Gjevik guard and tracker went to find Ylfi.

On the way, they were attacked by a hired Frostkolier technician. It was a nasty fight, which was interupted when a fire demon, bound into Ylfi’s body, escaped and the Axel and the Frostkolier teamed up against it. This part of the adventure was mostly narrative, since it only involved Brian. An ice maiden abruptly arrived to protect Ylfi, and without fighting, was able to force the fire demon to leave. She also convinced the Frostkolier to abondon his query. Axel carried Ylfi back to the village.

It turned out Ylfi was a budding summoner, and unwittingly attracted the attention of the Ice maiden, and in turn, a number of other local fey and supernatural beings. It was the true reason behind the recent attacks. It seems that the Gjevik family might have seized upon this opportunity to eliminate their competition. Nothing can be proven, and any further investigation was abandonded, since a peaceful solution seemed to be acheived.

The party received 100 silver. The proposed distribution was 30 each for Miksa and Smooth, and 40 for Axel, since he faced the Frostkolier alone.

Experience Points: 38 total

  • Combat: 3 xp
  • 5-hour session: 15 xp
  • Difficult Actions: 5 xp
  • Interpretation: 15 xp

That brings Jason to 108, and Brian will get only 35, bringing his total to 98, just short of leveling, but I let him level up anyway, so I can avoid a level gap. Now, the question is: Riv missed a game and so will be 38 points short of levelign, not 2. Should Riv level up or should he have to wait another session?


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